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Showing : 165 BAXI Ecogen 24 kw Parts.
Bend Concentric


Blanking Plate Kit (Includes 235a & 235b)


Bottom Cover - Spare


Bridge Pcb Kit (Includes 607A)


Bulkhead Adaptor - Spare


Burner - Supplementary Kit (Includes 502a & 502c)


Burner Feed Pipe Kit (Includes Key 315A)


Burner Gasket


Burner Inlet Adaptor Assembly Kit (After Serial No Emm1009) (Includes 516e - 516g)


Burner Inlet Adaptor Assembly Kit (Before Serial No Emm1009) (Includes 516a - 516c)


Burner Mounting Plate Kit (After Serial No Emm1009) (Includes Keys 520m - 520v)


Burner Mounting Plate Kit (Before Serial No Emm1009) (Includes Keys 520a - 520k)


Cable Flow Switch - Not Illustratued (Serial Number AC - Post Conversion Kit & Serial Number BC)


Capacitor - Spare


Capacitor Cover Kit (Includes keys 229a)


Clamp - Engine Seal - Spare


Clamp - Recuperator To H.E. - Spare


Clip - Spare


Clip Hose Nylon


Condensate Trap Assembly Kit (Includes Keys 207a - 207g)


Condensate Tube Kit (Includes keys 230a)


Damper - Lower - Spare


Damper -Upper - Spare


Door Seal - Spare


Earth Lead - Long - Spare


Earth Lead - Short - Spare


Ecogen PCB (Post PCB Conversion kit 602a) Serial Number AC


Ecogen PCB Conversion Kit (Serial Number AC)


Emc Filter Kit (Includes Key 317A)


End Cap Kit (Includes Keys 517a - 517c)


Engine Bracket Assembly - Spare


Engine Mounting Support Lh Kit (Includes Keys 228a & 228b)


Engine Mounting Support Rh Kit (Includes keys 227a - 227c)


Fan Assembly Kit (Includes 502a & 502b)


Fascia Assembly - Spare


Flow Pipe Assembly Kit (Includes Key 316A - 316D) (From Serial AC)


Flow Pipe Front Section (From Serial Number BC)


Flow Pipe Rear Section (From Serial Number BC)


Flow Sensor Kit (Not illustrated) From Serial Number BC


Flow Straightener - Spare


Flow Switch Kit (Includes Keys 205a)


Flue Adaptor He (No Seals)


Front Cover Assembly - Spare (C/W Keys 103 - 106)


G83 Pcb Kit (Includes 602A)


G83/Power Supply Loom H.V. - Spare


Gaitor - Spare


Gas Feed Pipe Assembly - Recuperator Kit (Includes Keys 215a & 215b)


Gas Feed Pipe Assembly - Supp. Kit (Includes Keys 214a & 214b)


Gas Inlet Pipe Assembly Kit (Includes Keys 216a & 216b)


Gas Valve Kit (Includes Keys 203a - 203c)


Gascock - Spare




Gasket - Ignitor Electrode


Gasket - Ignitor Electrode - Spare


Gasket - Recuperator - Spare


Gasket - Recuperator To H.E.


Gasket - Recuperator To H.E. - Spare


Gasket - Spool Valve - Spare


Gasket (After Serial No Emm1009)


Gasket Blanking Plate


Gasket Flue Adaptor


Grommet Kit (Pack Of 2)


H.E Inlet Pipe Kit (From Serial Number BC)


H.E. Inlet Pipe Assembly Kit (Includes 224a - 224d) From Serial Number AC


H.M.I. Unit - Spare


Hmi Cradle - Spare


Hose - Engine Lh Kit (Includes 226a & 226b)


Hose - Engine Rh Kit (Includes 225a & 225b)


Ignition Electrode - Recuperator Kit (Includes 303A & 303B)


Ignition Electrode - Supplementary Kit (Before Serial No Emm1009)


Ignition Electrode (After Serial No Emm1009)


Ignitor Lead - Supp. Burner - Spare


Insul - Front Cover - Front


Insul Front Cover Bottom


Insul Front Cover Side Lh


Insul Front Cover Side Rh


Insul Front Cover Top


Insulation - Burner Mounting Plate - Spare (After Serial No Emm1009)


Insulation - Burner Mounting Plate - Spare (Before Serial No Emm1009)


Insulation - Rear Case Kit


Insulation Burner Mounting


Insulation Burner Mounting


Insulation Card - Spare


Insulation Front Cover Kit (See Kit Item/S Below)


Insulation Recuperator


Kit Inner Flue Seals 60 Dia.


Label Installer Wiring Dhw Uk


Lip Seal - Burner Mounting Plate - Spare


Locknut M20


Loom Sub Assembly L.V. - Spare


LV Harness - Not Illustratued (Serial Number AC - Post Conversion Kit & Serial Number BC)


Main Loom L.V. - Spare (From Serial Number BC)




Male Terminal


Mounting Plate - Electronics Kit (Includes 611A - 611F)


Nut - Extended Head - Spare


Nut - M8 Nyloc Kit


Nut Full M5 Sn


Nut Lock M12




O Ring 14.6I/Dx2.4 Green Viton


O' Ring 17.86X2.62 Epdm




O-Ring Kit (Pack 4)


Overload Switch - Spare


Pipe Retainer


Pipe Retainer Kit (Includes keys 231a)


Plate Blanking - Painted


Plug Drain


Recuperator Assembly Kit (Includes Key 308A - 308F)


Retaining Clip - Spare


Retaining Pin Pack Of 10


Return Pipe Assembly Kit (Includes Keys 223a - 223c)


Ribbon Cable - H.M.I. - Spare


Rope Seal - Burner Mounting Plate - Spare


Scr St M4 X 12Mm Pozi Plastite


Screw M2X12 Pan Hd Pozi


Screw M4 X 10Mm Pan.Posi


Screw M4 X 16 Mc Hex Pozi


Screw M4X16Mm Dog Point


Screw M4X20 Mcpan Poz Sn


Screw M5 X 12 Mc Hex Pozi


Screw M6 X 15Mm Dog Point


Screw Set M4 X 8 Pan Pozi


Screw Set M6*8 Hex Head


Screw-Plastite No 4 X 3/8 Pozi




Seal - Engine - Spare


Seal Dia.100 Flue Adaptor




Seal Washer G3/4 17X24X2 Cent


Sensing Tube - Engine - Spare


Sensing Tube - Supplementary - Spare


Sensor - Recuperator Kit (Includes Keys 304A & 304B)


Sensor - Supplementary Kit (Includes 505a & 505b)


Sensor Lead - Supp. Burner - Spare


Service Cover Kit (Includes 605A)


Spark Generator Kit (Includes Keys 206a - 206b)


Spool Valve Sub Assembly Kit (Includes Keys 510a - 510e)


Spring Assembly Kit


Start / Stop Resistor Assembly Kit (Includes Key 307A)


Stepper Motor Kit (Includes 501a)


Stirling Engine Thermocouple


Sub Loom H.V. - Spare (Serial Number AC - Post Conversion Kit & Serial Number BC)


Sub Loom H.V. - Spare (Serial Number AC - Pre Conversion Kit)


Supplementary Heat Exchanger Kit (Includes Keys 305A -


Tap Adaptor


Tape Self Adhesive 2


Telescopic Flue Assembly


Thermistor Kit (Includes Keys 302A)


Thermocouple Connection Plate Kit (Includes Key 306A)


Thermostat - Fixed Cage


Thermostat - O/H Kit (Includes Keys 301A)




Thermostat Kit (Includes 240a & 240b)




Union Nut - Spare


Venturi Assembly - 10Kw Kit (Includes 514a - 514d)


Venturi Assembly - 24Kw Kit (Includes 515a - 515d)


Viewing Window


Wall Mounting Plate Assembly Kit (Includes Keys 201a)


Wall Plug & Screw Assembly Kit (Pack Of 7)


Washer - Insulator - Pack Of 2


Washer Form C M5 Sn


Washer Seal